How To Follow Correct Table Manners Around The World [Infographic]

If you frequently travel overseas, keeping abreast of dining etiquette can be surprisingly tough: what flies in one country might be considered poor manners in another, and vice-versa. This infographic from private accomodation site Wimdu explains ten unusual customs from food tables around the world.

Following the table manners of other cultures usually isn't unnecessary — your hosts already know you're a foreigner and will excuse your ignorant faux pas accordingly. Nevertheless, it definitely can't hurt to demonstrate knowledge of local customs and etiquette. As such, the below tips could definitely come in handy. (We had no idea that using a knife to cut potatoes was considered poor form in Germany, for instance.)

[Via Wimdu]


    Who uses a knife and fork to eat tacos? How is that even possible?!

      It boggles the mind.

      Soft tacos. Also:

    I know that the French believe that eating food is a sensual experience but I had no idea of how sensual until I read this article concerning their etiquette of keeping both hands above the table.

    I went to a wedding in Thailand, where I was among the only 'non-locals'.
    Every other table only had chopsticks, we had forks and spoons.

    As a side note, they make you hold your hands out crossed over and hold an egg and rice.

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