How Sleeping On Your Back, Side And Stomach Affects Your Health

Most of us have a preferred sleeping position, be it on our stomach, side or back. As it turns out, your posture in bed can be just as important as your posture in the workplace. This video from the business tutorial specialist Flikli explains all the ways your bedtime posture could be affecting your health.

So apparently, laying on your back is the best way to ensure a nice, straight spine while sleeping — but it can also increase the likelihood of snoring. Sleeping on your side has been shown to cause pins and needles in your arms and legs while stomach sleepers are at risk of sustaining long-term damage to their necks and lower back. You can reduce the strain in these areas by placing a pillow beneath your hips and shoulders (which doesn’t sound particularly comfortable to be honest.)

Based on the video’s recommendations, your best bet appears to be sleeping on your back. Mind you, we imagine the type of mattress you own plays a large role too — a soft, spongy mattress is unlikely to keep your spine straight while sleeping on your back, for instance. (You can find a bunch of mattress-buying tips in our expert Q&A.) Oh, and if you co-sleep with children, your posture is going to be destroyed regardless.

[Via Flikli]

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