How Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Runs Work Meetings

Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella is soft-spoken, humble and understated; a complete contrast to his garish predecessor Steve Ballmer. With a background in electrical engineering and over two decades worth of experience working at Microsoft, Nadella is highly respected in the technology industry. So when he gives advice, you'd want to listen.

In a recent video interview with The Wall Street Journal, Nadella, answered a series of quick questions about the way he works and some of his personal interests. One of the questions was "How do you run meetings?"

To which Nadella answered: "Listen more, talk less and be decisive when the time comes."

A terse answer that gets straight to the point. Work meetings often start off with the best intentions but often end up in a downward spiral of incessant waffling by a few key people and with not much collaboration within the wider group. Nothing gets done and just becomes a giant time drain.

Nadella's advice is sound; If you're running a meeting, don't use it as an opportunity to talk incessantly just because you have a captive audience. Listen to all participants and ensure that every meeting results in an actionable outcome.

You can see the rest of Nadella's interview in the video below:

[Via Microsoft News Blog]


    Before I clicked the link I read that dudes last name as 'nutella'.
    That's about all I've got to add.

    Great video. Was hoping that the YouTube channel would have similar videos of others, but alas it did not.

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