How Does Amaysim’s New Unlimited 1GB Mobile Plan Stack Up Against The Competition?

How Does Amaysim’s New Unlimited 1GB Mobile Plan Stack Up Against The Competition?

Budget telco, Amaysim, has launched a mobile phone plan that gives you unlimited standard calls and texts along with 1GB of data at $24.90 for 30 days. Here’s how this plan compares with month-to-month plans from the major telcos.

All the telcos listed below offer their mobile services over a 4G network.

Amaysim is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that resells its service through the Optus network. The plans we’ve featured here all have no lock in contracts (you pay month-to-month) and do not come with a handset.

Telco Cost per month Basic plan features
Telstra $35 $300 worth of standard calls, SMS and text with 500MB data
Optus $30 Unlimited standard calls, SMS, and MMS with 1GB data
Vodafone $30 Unlimited standard calls, SMS, and MMS with 1GB of data
Amaysim $24.90 Unlimited standard calls, SMS, and MMS with 1GB data

As you can see, Amaysim is slightly cheaper than the Optus and Vodafone, both of which have just recently upped their data allowance to 1GB. If you’re interested in trying the new Amaysim Unlimited 1GB plan, you can head over to the company’s website and order a SIM card.


  • To be fair, Optus’ plan is double-data until 5th October, then (in theory) it’s back down to 500mb.
    Amaysim also charge 7.2c/MB for additional data vs 1.46c at Optus (Optus also have automatic $10 1/gb blocks if you go over your cap
    I’d suggest considering the critical information summary, as Optus include a fair bit more in their caps, like international SMS and some international calling.

  • I am amazed that after the articles this week about the TPG-Vodafone deal, that their plan wasn’t included in this list:

    TPG, $19.90/month, 1.3GB data, automatically rolling for $10 per extra GB & $400 included calls

    • I don’t think TPG qualifies as a major telco, Vayas $18 plan is better than TPGs 19.90 plan at a quick glance.

      • TPG not a major telco but Amaysim is? Agree with Vaya though.
        I’d still suggest Telstra, Optus and Voda are the majors with the MVNO’s (Amaysim, Vaya, TPG etc) the next level down

        • No, they said they are comparing Amaysim with major telcos not comparing only major telcos slight difference,

  • I would think TPG and Vaya are in the same league as Amaysim. So leaving them out is a bit “odd” Only comparing the “major” telcos is just cherry picking the numbers to compare.

      • All Amaysim plans are pre or post paid; a prepaid plan is a month-to-month plan by definition since it’s non-contracted?

  • The big downside with Amaysim is they don’t have any option for making group calls.

    • This. and also, the voicemail isnt as good.

      Besides taht AMAYSIM wins for me every time, by a country mile.

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