Here's How Much Money You Can Save On A Vegetarian Diet

Here's How Much Money You Can Save on a Vegetarian Diet

Veggies are good for you, and if you're up for taking on a full vegetarian diet, you can save hundreds per year, according to a recent study.

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Published in the Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition, the study compares USDA-recommended weekly meal plans, which include meat, with similar meal plans that are strictly plant-based. Both plans include 2,000 daily calories.

Overall, the study found that the regular meal plan (which they call MP) costs $1,020 more than the vegetarian meal plan. Plus, the vegetarian diet included 25 more vegetable servings, 8 more fruit servings, and 14 more servings of whole grains per week. The study's abstract concluded:

An economical version of MP costs $US746.46 more per year while providing fewer servings of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

Of course, this study simply quantifies what we could save on a vegetarian diet; it's not to say you should switch to a vegetarian diet. Depending on your nutrition goals or simply your penchant for protein, meat might be a staple for you. This is just a reminder that going meatless, even just one night a week, can save you some cash.

Check out the study for yourself at the link below.

Economical Healthy Diets (2012): Including Lean Animal Protein Costs More Than Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil [Taylor and Francis Online via Time]


    Or you could just starve to death instead. Think of all the money you'd save!

    There is lots of great reasons for going vego but saving money is honestly one of them & I realise there is plenty of reasons to maintain a balanced animal intake too but it is a choice.

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