Have You Run Into Problems With Any Software On El Capitan?

Have You Run Into Problems with Any Software on El Capitan?

El Capitan is a pretty minor upgrade to OS X, but that doesn't mean there aren't some glitches with certain software working properly. So, we want to hear it, have you had trouble with anything?

Check out how to fix those annoyances here.

So far for me, everything's been pretty smooth, though I've heard rumblings of people having problems with various versions of Office and a variety of deep system utilities. Have you had problems? Since most software is compatible, let's get a list going of what isn't.


    First couldn't logon to iCloud. After rebooting can't access the Internet at all anymore.

    Outlook 2011 for mac is the only but a pretty major issue for me. All I have is the rotating ball of doom.

    I'm finding youtube stutters on fullscreen 40% of the time.

    Well, my iMac has been acting strangely since the upgrade. this morning, I could not close any open apps and the finder wasn't responding. In fact I couldn't even use the mouse or tracpad. I did a force quit with the keyboard but that failed also. When I move the pointer it draws a box on the screen but I can't click anywhere. I shut the mac off and then started it. It took at least ten minutes for it to load and the problem was still there. The I did this several times and then I got the login screen, as if I had logged out which I hadn't. I was finally able to get things back to normal but I have no idea how I did it because everything that was happening was so random. This afternoon I tried using the "split view" and that was very unstable. Windows were flashing and the content was cascading up and down continuously until I shut the app down. Hope they come up with some fixes soon.

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