Get All Of Your Weekly Meetings Out Of The Way With A 'Meeting Marathon'

Get All of Your Weekly Meetings Out of the Way With a

Meetings are important, but they can also put a major damper on your productivity. If you schedule them all for one work day, the rest of the week can be a lot more efficient.

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Eric Schweikardt and Brad Feld at Modular Robotics use the concept of a "meeting marathon." Schweikardt explains:

I switched all of my regular on-one-one meetings for the week to Tuesday, a single day with nine meetings in a row, no break... and have four days to do my own work.

Schweikardt also notes that by the end of his meeting marathons, he usually feels fulfilled and not exhausted. Furthermore, having so many meetings back to back made it easier for him to spot trends and issues that dwell below the surface level of having only one meeting a day. You may not necessarily be in charge of when you have your meetings, but you might still be able to suggest ways to make them better.

I Love Days with Nine Meetings in a Row [Modular Robotics Blog via Inc.]


    See, I feel like this is an excellent way to make the last few meetings meaningless, because no one involved is in a state of mind to pay attention any more.

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