Force Your Friends To Watch All Your Favourite Cat Videos In Chrome With Shove

You're surfing YouTube and you have found yet another hilarious cat video. You desperately want to show this to you friends. Rather than sending them a link on your instant messenger of choice, why not just forcibly open a tab in their Chrome browser? Now you can do so with a Chrome extension called Shove.

The Shove Chrome extension takes link sharing to the next level. To be able to force a tab to open in your friend's Chrome browser, you both need to have Shove added already. Then just add them to your friends list (they'll need to accept the invite) and you can start making tabs open for each other in Chrome.

Why would you want to use Shove in the first place? Ever sent links to your friends through, say, Facebook Messenger and that never gets viewed because they are hopeless with checking their messages? I know I have. With Shove, at least you know that they definitely will see your links.

Just make sure you trust the people you add on Shove. You don't want any inappropriate content to pop up on your Chrome browser at work because someone didn't think twice about sharing images of Japanese tentacle porn with you.

You can disable Shove when you need to by signing out of the extension and restarting your browser. To get the extension, visit the Google Chrome Web Store.

[Via Google Chrome Web Store]


    This.... is just an open invitation for mischief.
    I solemnly declare I am up to no good.

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