Firefox, Chrome Now Consider Kickass Torrents An Unsafe Website

Firefox, Chrome Now Consider Kickass Torrents An Unsafe Website

Popular torrent aggregator Kickass Torrents appears to have fallen foul of Mozilla and Google, with the site now flagged as suspicious by both companies.

If you happen to frequent Kickass, you’ll now find yourself confronted with something resembling the following:

Basically, the site has been temporarily marked as “not so good” by Firefox and Chrome and while you’ll be stopped before reaching the site, you can push on if you want to.

According to TorrentFreak, which got in touch with the KAT administrators, the suspicious activity was caused by an errant advertisement, which has reportedly been dealt with.

The TorrentFreak story goes on to mention that the warning will go away once the site is re-evaluated by the browsers.

Chrome and Firefox Block KickassTorrents Over “Harmful Programs” [TorrentFreak]


  • Been using Kickass for ages, never had a problem. I use a good malware program anyway, so I’ll keep using it.

  • I had the ad they’re talking about. I can’t remember what it was supposed to be for but it absolutely locked me onto the page and opened so many dialogue boxes I couldn’t close the browser without ending the process.

    It was fully reminiscent of those XP adware trojans that fired pop ups at you like it was an automatic weapon.

    Thankfully contained by the sandbox, though.

  • If you’re confident you can make your own choices about what pages you visit, you can disable this in Firefox by typing “about: config” and deleting the string in the “urlclassifier.malwareTable” preference.

  • Just install uBlock Origin and be done with ads.
    I unblock certain sites that I want to support with ads (LH/Giz/Kot etc) but for places that have less quality control over their ads, ad block away.
    Not a sure fire way to not be picked up with malware laden ads, as notable sites to get affected occasionally (and more and more often) but it keeps the chances lower which is always a good thing.

    Or use Adblockers all the time and set up google contributer, covers majority of the ads out there and still supports the sites you use but without the chance of getting a bad ad, also speeds up your browsing, use less data etc.

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