Facebook Launches App Design Resource Portal For Developers

Facebook has started a website dedicated to helping third party developers create apps that look and feel like they are a natural part of the social media portal. The likes of Google and Apple already have their own set of design principles that they share with developers so they can make apps that are consistent with their respective operating systems. Facebook is taking a similar approach.

Design.facebook.com is populated with resources that will benefit designers and developers keen to make the apps they are working on look and feel more like they're released by Facebook. It provides a repository of tools and files for users to applying on to their apps, making the process of adapting apps to Facebook's design guidelines much easier.

Resources on design.facebook.com is still limited but considering it's still early days, we're expecting Facebook to be adding more tools and files to assist designers and developers on a regular basis later down the track.

[Via design.facebook.com]


    Your link is incorrect, it instead directs to the google materials design documentation

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