62 Popular Myths And Misconceptions That Refuse To Die [Infographic]

62 Popular Myths And Misconceptions That Refuse To Die [Infographic]

As the old adage goes, you shouldn’t believe everything you see — especially on the internet. This infographic from Information Is Beautiful gathers 62 widespread misconceptions, myths and fallacies that the world stubbornly refuses to let go of. How many did you think were true?

The below infographic comes from David McCandless at Information Is Beautiful. It lists 62 common misconceptions and reveals how virulent they are based on the number of Google searches. The more a certain myth has been Google searched, the larger the coloured icon will be. (Although wouldn’t a Google search suggest that the user is uncertain and/or skeptical about something?)

Some are based on literacy (a “steep learning curve” actually means something is quick and easy to learn) while others are about science and biology. (Bulls, being colour-blind, are not enraged by the colour red.)

You can check out the full list of myths below. There’s also an interactive version on the Information Is Beautiful website, which you can find a link to at the bottom of the page.

So how many of these myths did you believe in? The Vomitorium one was news to me.

Common MythConceptions [Information Is Beautiful]


  • I knew most of those, hadn’t even heard of a handful. The only one I didn’t know was the chastity belt one.
    Having said that, they miss the point or simplify things too much with some of them.
    Evolution: The way the evolution one is worded. It admits that it’s a “theory” it just then explains why what scientific theories are, as opposed to hypothesis type theories. Unfortunately with this one, scientists will never win until they can show creationists a full genetic individual to genetic individual list without any gaps.
    Satan: There are books that weren’t included in the bible (the books in the apocrypha are just some). The teaching came from somewhere.
    Salt water: It says that sea-water level saltiness does make a difference. All it means is that it’s not noticeable at pinch levels.
    Toilets: It does have an effect. It’s just that everything else (shape of toilet, location/direction of flush jets, size, other air movement, etc) affects the rotation direction significantly more.

  • Ok, so oil does stop stuck pasta, but you put a splash of it over the pasta after you’ve cooked and drained it.

    And the whole black hole thing – no one actually thinks they’re holes, it’s just what they’re called.
    It’s just like the IT Help Desk – everyone knows they’re no help, it’s just what they’re called.

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