Expect To See The First Big Windows 10 Update In November

Microsoft is gearing up to release its first major Windows 10 update in November. It will include a host of fixes and changes to elements of the user interface, according to reports.

First reported by Paul Thurrot and confirmed by The Verge, Microsoft will distribute the Windows 10 update, codename Threshold 2 (TH2) next month. The update will bring some aesthetic changes to the user interface including coloured title bars for desktop apps, enhancements in the Media Creation Tool and improvements to context menus.

The new Skype Messaging and Video apps are also expected to be part of the Windows 10 update along with additional Cortana capabilities.

Windows Update will take care of the update install and since it’s not a full build install, users won’t have to reactivate Windows afterwards.

[Via Paul Thurrot and The Verge]


    i hope they fix the issues with Win 10 Enterprise doing a reboot every time you try to shut down or log off from a user.

    I'd hardly call what you've mentioned there a "Big Update" Panda. I hope there's a lot more to it than that.

      There is more but we don't actually have all the details yet. Will keep you all posted!

    I wonder if this will include the new ram compression "memory manager" system introduced into the fast track updates? I hope not because it completely crashed my system every time i switched out of a game and back to desktop. I had to do a restore and turn off the fast track updates.

    Hope they also fix the problems with the Microsoft Store not allowing apps to be install/updated all of a sudden. Seen lots of people have this problem with no clear fix. Although I've been able to fix a few, it usually comes back.

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