Dogshare Is A Free Web App That Directs You To The Closest Mutt-Friendly Park

If you live in the city, public parks are one of the few places where your dog can run around and receive a proper workout. Unfortunately, many parks prohibit dogs even if you bring a leash. Dogshare provides assistance by sniffing out dog-friendly parks in your area.

No dogs allowed picture from Shutterstock

Dogshare is essentially an online database that lists more than 1000 dog parks around Australia. The site includes detailed information about what each park has to offer, including fenced or unfenced, availability of poop bags (so you don't have to bring your own) and whether dogs can be left unleashed.

In addition to listing parks, the app has a social networking function that allows dog owners from nearby neighbourhoods to connect and arrange walks or play dates. You can also "check in" to parks so that others can see you on the site in real time and rate different parks based on your experiences.

The database will initially come supplied with 1000 dog parks although more are being added via user-generated content. Joining the web app is free — however, you do need to create a profile for your dog which includes information such as size, age and temperament.

Once your dog is listed, you can search for suitable parks and connect with other members. This sounds like a pretty helpful service to me, but I'm actually more of a cat person (wanna make something of it?)

If anyone reading owns a dog, feel free to share your impressions in the comments section below. You can check out the Dogshare website here.


    There are plenty of good dog owners out there but I just haven't seen that many in the last few years! More and more A*** hats letting their dogs off the lead near children s play equipment, letting their dog take a dump wherever, not keeping their dog on a lead when walking down the street....

      Why does my dog need to be on a lead when he walks to side and won't run off unless I command him to walk free? Genuinely curious as my pissy old neighbour threatened to report me to the council for not having him under control.
      Totally agree on the idiots not cleaning up after their pooches- it's not hard!

        If your dog is obedient and heels to your side, then I would class you as an exception. I'm not sure if keeping your dog on the lead (in Victoria) is law or not.
        My son has been attacked twice by dogs left off their lead. Understandably, he does not like dogs because of these experiences. He would not be able to walk past you today.

    Wow this is one of the brilliant ideas i ever read about mobile application. I am thinking of a social app for cat lovers.

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