Dealhacker: Get 10 Chicken Nuggets From Hungry Jack's For $2.95

Attention fast food-loving cheapskates: Hungry Jack's is now selling 10-packs of chicken nuggets for the absurdly low price of $2.95. That works out to around 30 cents per nugget. To put it another way, you can now buy your breakfast, lunch and dinner for under $9! (Um, don't actually do this.)

Hungry Jack's is calling it a "Chicken Nugget Game Changer" and y'know, they might just be right. We can't remember ever seeing a deal this cheap before — KFC's 24 nuggets for $10 comes close, but who needs chicken nuggets in those quantities? For a single serve, this deal is pretty damn perfect.

So what's the calorie damage? A serving of ten Hungry Jack's chicken nuggets packs in roughly 1700kJ of energy, 26g of protein, 20g of fat, 28g of carbs, 1.3g of sugars and 756mg of sodium. Provided you chase it all down with a diet soft drink (or better yet, water), it's not too obscene as far as fast food fare goes.

But the main reason to snap up this deal is that tasty, tasty price tag. We can't imagine Hungry Jack's is making a profit on this (presumably it's hoping you will purchase additional items in store.) But the biggest losers in this deal are all those poor chickens — how would you feel if your pound of flesh wasn't even worth a single dollar? Surely that's a fowl, ref.

[Via Hungry Jack's Facebook]


    That is a damn good price, and I might be tempted if Hungry Jacks nuggets didn't taste like an old kitchen sponge wrapped in an either soggy or dried-out-to-near-concrete-consistency coating. Ugh. KFC nuggets all the way.

    Got them last night;
    - Shaped like maccas nuggets
    - Were super oily/greasy

    Would eat again/10

    HJ nuggets are pretty awful. Felt physically ill last time I ate them.
    Really bad reconstituted chicken meat in a subpar coating.

    Not even worth the cheap price in all honesty.

    A game changer? Please these Hungry Jacks nuggets are outright disgusting. In the US Buger King have 10 nuggets for $1.49 and they actually taste right and Maccas have 20 nuggets for $5. Hardly a game changer!

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