Dealhacker: 21 Awesome Freebies You Can Score On Your Birthday

It's your birthday and you can take advantage of that if you want to! Free meals, free ice cream, free drinks — and not just the ones bought by friends. You'd be amazed how many cafes and stores and their loyalty programs are willing to give you free things for your birthday, so I've rounded up the best birthday freebies for you right here. (If your birthday is still ages away, just bookmark this page for future reference!)

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San Churro

What you get: Free churros for two (including six churros and two pots of melted couverture chocolate), valued at $14.95

How you get it: Sign up for San Churro's newsletter. Your free churros voucher will be emailed out to you eight days before your birthday. If you sign up too soon before your birthday to get the voucher, you can also print out your newsletter confirmation email to redeem your free churros.


What you get: A free single fillet Bondi Burger Value Meal.

How you get it: This one is for members of Oporto's Flame club. Once you sign up, Oporto will email you on your birthday with directions for redeeming your meal. You'll have to bring photo ID and your membership card — whether physical or on Oporto's app.


What you get: A free sub and a drink.

How you get it: Sign up for Subway's Eat Fresh club to receive an emailed voucher the day before your birthday. Be careful with this one — the T&C specifies it's available at participating stores only, and some Aussie stores reportedly don't take the birthday vouchers. Best to check with your local ahead of time.


What you get: A free regular Nandos meal (which includes a quarter chicken, classic burger, pita or wrap with a regular side and a regular drink.)

How you get it: Only eligible members of Nandos PeriPerks club can redeem this one — which means that in addition to signing up you have to have made at least one transaction at Nandos in the last six months. The good news is that you can redeem your free birthday meal any time in the entire month of your birthday.

Gloria Jeans

What you get: A free drink.

How you get it: Sign up for the eSipper Club and make sure you leave the 'eSipper Club Newsletter' box ticked. You'll need to be on the mailing list in order to receive your birthday voucher in an email.

Cold Rock

What you get: One free kiddies size (4oz) Cold Rock Ice Cream with one mix in.

How you get it: You have to register for Cold Rock's membership program at least eight days before your birthday. One week prior to the day, you'll be emailed your free birthday ice cream voucher (or 'FBI') which will be valid on your actual day of birth only. Cold Rock also asks that you print the voucher to bring into the store, and remember to carry your ID with you as well.

Boost Juice

What you get: One free Boost.

How you get it: Sign up for Boost's Vibe Club to get your free drink. On the day of your birthday, present your Vibe Club card along with photo ID showing your (matching) date of birth to redeem.

Baskin Robbins

What you get: A free ice cream on your birthday and a discount on a birthday cake.

How you get it: To get this deal, sign up for Baskin Robbins' Club 31. You'll receive a voucher for a free ice cream on the day of your birthday.

Ali Baba

What you get: A free kebab on your birthday.

How you get it: Sign up for Ali Baba's Ultimate Rewards. While the website doesn't have too much detail, presumably you'll either get an emailed voucher or simply have to show your card and photo ID in store.

Outback Jacks

What you get: Not just a $35 meal voucher in the month of your birthday, but also a second $35 voucher on your half birthday (six months out from your birthday) and a $30 voucher when you sign up.

How you get it: Sign up for Outback Jacks' birthday club to get all three vouchers automatically sent to you by email. You will also have to book a table to redeem your discount.


What you get: A free birthday burrito.

How you get it: Register for Salsas' Mex Club and present your membership card. This offer is valid for two days either side of your actual birthday.


What you get: A complimentary house wine or draught beer, or a complimentary dolci.

How you get it: Sign up for Vapiano's Fanaticos club. Birthday emails are sent one week before your birthday so make sure you get in and register before that.

Jamaica Blue

What you get: A free slice of cake during the month of your birthday.

How you get it: Register online and be sure to provide your accurate date of birth. Most likely you'll be required to show ID when you redeem your free cake in store.


What you get: A free small cake — as well as bottomless coffee year-round.

How you get it: All Ikea Family members will be emailed a voucher for a free cake on their birthday. NOTE: Adelaide and Perth's Ikea Family clubs have different terms and benefits, so the birthday offer most likely won't apply there either.

Sumo Salad

What you get: A free regular size salad on your birthday.

How you get it: Sign up for Sumo Salad's Sumo Society, and make sure to register your card in order to redeem your salad on the day.

Ribs And Rumps

What you get: A free $30 birthday voucher.

How you get it: Sign up for Ribs And Rumps' rewards program. Your $30 voucher will be issued up to ten days before your birthday.

Captain Cook Cruises

What you get: A free Sydney Harbour coffee cruise including morning or afternoon tea.

How you get it: Register with Captain Cook Cruises and book a coffee cruise on the date of your birthday.

Do you know of anywhere else that will give you free stuff for getting another year older? Let us know in the comments!


    Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, I think you get entry for 20cents on your birthday.

    Woohooo ! My birthday is next month. Yeah !
    On the downside, I'm going to have to a lot of bowling to counterbalance all the free food.

    My Birthday is the 1st of January which generally means most places are shut :(

    "I'm here for my free birthday sundae!"
    "Eat it and get out"

    Hakataya Ramen will give you a free bowl of ramen when you show your License on your birthday

    Check out OzBargain's Birthday Deals & Freebies Wiki page,

    would be nice if you didn't have to clog up you inbox with the other newsletter crap you have to sub to get this. a free meal or icecream is not worth getting someone's marketing crap every week.

      A lot of people create a second email account just for such things. Any time you need to do something promotional use the junk box. Check it quickly once a month or something.

      I use one that lets me sort unread mail by sender because I know Nandos send only decent offers with theirs. Not had one piece of spam ever from them but have had many mailed vouchers for free chips or dips or sides.

      Woolies on the other hand, don't get me started.

      Consider a special email, can be your name and .promo like

      1) Sign up for everything using a secondary email address (or use an email account with decent filtering, like Gmail).

      2) Set a reminder on your calendar for one week prior to your birthday, with a link to this page on it

      3) ?????

      4) PROFIT

      Use the [email protected] trick and filter it all to a folder you don't care about. Have a look in the day before your birthday and get all the vouchers.

    I use eCoffeeCard on my phone and all the cafes I use give me a free coffee for my birthday. I have about 6 regular places, so thats plenty of energy for the afternoon bowlarama after my free kebab, muffin, salad, cake and juice!

    Reminder - Ajisen Ramen have a $10 credit in the month of your birthday.

    There is a mexican restaurant in Beenleigh that has a birthday club that gives 1 main meal free (up to the value of $17) when 1 main meal is purchased.

    I forgot to add, it's called Serranos Mexican Cantina.

    Red Rooster offer a free Quarter Chicken Meal on your birthday. Sign up on their site Red Royalty.

    All of these "free" deals require you to hand over personal information each of the companies value more than whatever they are bribing you with.

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