[Closed] Competition: Ask Lifehacker A Question And Win A 50-Inch TCL 4K UHD Smart TV!

To celebrate this year's Melbourne Cup, TCL is offering one of our readers the chance to win a brand new 50-inch 4K UHD TV valued at $1000. To be in the running, all you need to do is ask Lifehacker a question that you desperately want answered — too easy!

As the proud TV partner of the Melbourne Cup for the eleventh year running, TCL is offering one Lifehacker reader the chance to win a TCL U50E5800FS 4K UHD Smart TV valued at $1000. From the horse's mouth:

What better way to watch "The Race That Stops A Nation" than on one of TCL’s newest 4K UHD TVs, which boasts a 3840x2160 ultra high definition resolution, as well as brand new high-speed core and graphic processing chips for an unrivalled viewing experience.

The Prize

The TCL U50E5800FS 4K UHD Smart TV is a 50-inch Ultra high-definition TV that boasts a native resolution of 3840x2160 pixels. [RRP: $1000.]

Other product highlights include new high-speed quad core and graphic processing chips, inbuilt WiFi and PVR functionality, four HDMI ports, a new Android operating platform, an updated App store and Go Live 2.0, which provides access to hundreds of popular global TV channels.

How To Enter

To enter, simply ask us a question that you desperately want answered in the comments section below. It could be a health issue, a technology woe, a relationship dilemma or anything in-between. The question that we deem the most interesting will win the prize and will be answered in a future Ask Lifehacker post. (We will also be answering many of the questions that didn't win the prize.)

The competition is open to registered Lifehacker members and guest readers alike — just make sure you include your email in the relevant field so we can reach you in the event that you win.

Competition Details

• Competition closes 12pm AEST on 30 October 2015. Winners will be announced on site / contacted via email within 24 hours.

• Entry open to all residents of Australia. Full terms and conditions.


    Which five food items would you recommend if someone could only live off these, plus water, while remaining as healthy as possible?

    Dear LH,
    I have just tried to unsubscribe from a marketing email from a business who I have previously bought some items from in-store. However, when I clicked the unsubscribe link it took me to a page informing me that I have been subscribed to another email marketing service and since then I have been receiving at least one spam email every 20 minutes from this new list. Is there any recourse against this business for providing a dodgy unsubscribe link? I have tried speaking to them, but their response was essentially: "Serves you right for trying to unsubscribe, sucker".
    Badgered Bajar

      Find a way to automatically redirect all emails from @paininthearsestore.com.au back to [email protected]

      let the fun begin...in an infinite loop.

        I used to do this with chained Yahoo+Bigfoot redirections.
        Power of infinite multiplication > infinite loops.

      Update: if you're on Gmail - https://support.google.com/mail/answer/10957?hl=en

    What main things could new immigrants do to ensure a smooth transition into living in Australia?

      Perhaps you should reframe the question:

      What are the main things I could do to ensure new immigrants have a smooth transition to living in Australia?

    Is there a difference in efficiency at burning calories when exercising on an empty stomach as opposed to a full stomach?

    These days we back up our data from all of our devices (laptops, phones, desktops, tablets and everything else) onto network attached storage drives. What is a good strategy for keeping this data safe when network attached hard drives are just as susceptible to failure as our other devices? How do we back up our backups?

    Detox diets - good for you or just another pseudo-science? Does your body really build up toxins that affect you health and does a detox get rid of them?

    My Daughter ( In grade 4, age 9 ) is quite shy and reserved but is able to socialise and make friends just the same. Recently all the girls in her year 4 class were invited to a birthday party for one of the girls in her class and she was made the exception. I can understand there are limits to attendees for a party but to invite all but one girl in a class, in my opinion is tantamount to bullying. The birthday girl apparently made a big deal of this as well and my daughter, whilst I'm certainly a biased party is a lovely, loving and caring little girl whom often goes out of her way to help others and is always considerate of other peoples feelings. How do I approach this with my daughter and what, if anything, should I say to the parents of the birthday girl ? Am I perhaps over-reacting in considering this a form of bullying ?

      i have 2 year old daughter and my heart broke a little when i read this post...

      Give the TV to bdh...an amazing question

      That is so mean. It's the parents fault. The parents are the ones who made this possible. You can't get her an invite as the girl has already made this a public issue.

      You can only take your daughter out for the best weekend ever at the same time - inviting one of her non-school friends.

      Yes you are VERY much over-reacting... wtf kind of entitled BS is that.

      Here's some advise, sit your Daughter down and explain that this is how life is, you wont be included in everything, don't expect to be and don't complain when your not... seriously... how is this even a question you consider asking??

      Dont get me wrong your daughter is probably a lovely girl, but don't expect everyone to like her because you do.

      Last edited 28/10/15 11:03 am

        Your probably just trolling, but... I'll take the bait. I think your completely missing the point here, whilst I agree that the daughter should not feel she has a right to be there, any child faced with a similar situation, would probably ask the question: "Why haven't I been invited, and everyone else has?" Sitting the daughter down and just saying: "this is how life is" doesn't cut it in my book, relational aggression is a form of bullying, and I would suggest this situation be looked at by the parent in a more general manner ignoring the 'event' and talking to the child about her social environment in general, you'll probably find this is not an isolated event, and she may need help or guidance (from a parent) navigating through the feelings she no doubt will have (this does not mean trying to minimize the pain) Oh, and from experience, children often wield their birthday party invite lists as weapons....

      I'm a Mum to three daughters and a Teacher, so I see all the time the big deal children put on their parties, it starts as a form of getting what they want even at Preschool - "If you don't let me play with your toy you're not coming to my party", even when the party has already occurred. I think not inviting one child from the class is pretty obvious, and as a parent I think you could speak to the birthday girls parents - would be interesting to see their reason for supporting this, but ultimately be there for your daughter. Never let her loose sight of things that matter in life.

    Why do some games only exclusive to certain gaming console like Halo to Xbox?

      Easy, they pay for it or they own the company that makes the game. 343 is owned by Microsoft :-)

    Some of my friends have decided not to upgrade to Windows 10 due to security concerns, and the fact that Microsoft can change their terms and conditions at any stage and start charging you by the month to keep using Windows 10. What is your recommendation for selecting an operation system that wont charge by the month, and wont force you to login using biometrics?

    What is the best progression path to teach a child how to ride a bicycle, starting at 18 months?

    The T&Cs says that it starts on 3:15pm AEST - and it's only 3:03pm AEST. So it hasn't started yet - those people who have already posted a question aren't eligible according to the rules.

    Lifehacker, are you getting AEST mixed up with AEDT? AEST is Brisbane time. AEDT is Sydney time.

    Competition closes 12pm AEST on 30 October 2015

    So that's midday Brisbane time on Friday the 30th? Midnight is 12am, right?

    Dear Lifehacker,

    We are moving into our house soon and have come up against a wall when trying to establish our rights to build a deck, namely that it seems to run across several government organisations and also in our area we need to consider BAL levels for fire retardent materials. How large a deck can I build without needing approval and what materials can I use to meet various BAL levels?


    juststu82 (confused but finally a home-owner)

      I think it's not classified as a deck if it has a concrete underlay. But it may vary depending on council.

      As a rough rule of thumb - never engage council in anything you don't need to when there is a significantly low chance of being called on it.

    I recently received an email from the managing director of my work, praising me for a job well done at a client meeting.
    Usually most people would be quite happy with this, however I am unsure how to reply outside of a simple thank you email. My direct manager (also a director of the company) was included in the email, and I feel that a response with a return compliment would be too much 'patting ourselves on the back'.
    I am relatively new to the position, so still a bit green and definitely was not expecting this.
    What is the best way to respond, and also conduct myself around the directors and other employees?

    Do flat feet really cause issues in children?

    With increasing coverage of data collection not only from private companies but now also our own government, what can a person do to try to manage or even attempt to understand the scope of data collected from them? Can you ever truly opt out or remove your name from company databases?

    That's probably the main question, because even as an IT professional I really probably have no idea just exactly how much information about me is out there in big data land. Companies like Facebook and Google give you an idea that they collect data, but I think deep down we all know it's probably more than we realise and we don't fully trust these companies, especially with the Snowden leaks putting people on alert about this issue. I also know as a system administrator that even within my own company once users leave, a footprint of them is left behind and backed up forever. How could the average person be expected to know what they're getting into, with how prevalent big data and data collection is becoming? What does the future look like in this area, and is there anything that can be done about it to make it more transparent? Is it even a problem?

    I find this deeply interesting and actually kind of scary so I hope you guys do too, cause I don't own a TV and I really would love one now I'm moving house and getting a lounge room haha!

    Dear Lifehacker,

    I've been reading your stuff for a while and was wondering what lies in the future for yourselves are you comfortable where you are now, or do you have a business plan to evolve and expand into television ? youtube? etc...


    Dear Lifehacker,

    Assuming that someone has thanked you for providing a life changing answer to their question about a topic, what would this most memorable article of yours be? :)


    Last edited 27/10/15 4:31 pm

    Dear Lifehacker,

    If I have to trick you, I would like to ask you another question

    What question would you like me to ask you that will win this TV for me? :P


    Last edited 27/10/15 4:31 pm

    Dear LH,

    I'm looking at studying via distance next year - I haven't studied since high school so keen to do a lower certification and see if I'm cut out for higher education. I'm looking at a business course, probably a Diploma of Business.

    Can you tell me what sort of tools I'll need to start adapting to full time work and part-time distance study? Any tips for parents of kids returning to study? I'd like to set myself up for success.


    What are some of the hidden costs of buying and moving into a new house?

    Dear LH,

    I have a personal website and want to make it HTTPS, but I have no idea where to start! I have some shared hosting and a domain, with content already in place on http. Please help!

      You need to buy an SSL certificate and a dedicated IP. Your host can do this for you.

    What are some good kits / projects to start with experimenting in the "Internet of Things"?

    Hey LH,

    I have been trying to device between a UHD TV or a HD Projector when I finally bite the bullet and do a proper media center upgrade.
    At the moment the TV is only really used for plex, netflix and some light gaming.
    What are the pros and cons of the two options? What would you recommend?

    What things should i consider while choosing an engagement ring?

      This is a pretty good article on the topic....


      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5kWu1ifBGU this should accurately explain which to get

    How do we battle the gaming addiction? 10 ways/steps to overcome this problem.

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