Build An Electronics Parts Storage System For $4

Build an Electronics Parts Storage System for $US4

Storing small parts, whether it's for electronics projects or any other hobby, is kind of tough. Over on Instructables, HariFun shows how to take a cheap set of containers and add some shelving for a simple storage system.

The containers themselves come from cheap 10-packs at a dollar store, while the shelving is made from foam core board. You should easily be able to find cheap equivalents in Australia. From there, it's as simple as cutting out the foam board to make the shelving, hot glueing it all together, and calling it a day. While it's certainly not going to win any design awards, it's not bad looking, and certainly does the job.

$US4 DIY Electronics Parts Storage [Instructables]


    If the parts are electronic semiconductors, try keeping them in an anti-static bag.
    Failing that, line the bottom of the container with anti-static foam.

    It's easy to keep things organized if you've got lots of different storage units of all different sizes. Especially when it comes to small things, it's good to get lots of storage units to keep them in order!

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