Boost Your Professional Reputation By Always Showing Up Five Minutes Early

Boost Your Professional Reputation By Always Showing Up Five Minutes Early

When you show up late, people usually assume you’re disorganized, inconsiderate, and kind of flaky. Whatever the reason for your tardiness, these are the knee-jerk judgements that run through a person’s mind when you’re tardy. But look at the bright side: showing up early can be pretty powerful.

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If you want to make a good impression, there’s one simple thing you can do that makes a huge difference: show up to every commitment five minutes early. Entrepreneur’s Adam Toren explains it this way:

Being on time is more than just a habit: it’s a character trait. People who are habitually late are demonstrating a variety of qualities that don’t work well in entrepreneurship.

Being on time isn’t exactly groundbreaking advice, but the takeaway here is more about how impactful punctuality can be. As quick to judge as people are about tardiness, they will have the same snap judgements when you’re early, only those judgements are positive ones: you’re organised, determined, dependable — and all you had to do is show up a few minutes early.

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The Simple Thing That Can Earn, or Lose, the Respect of Others [Entrepreneur]


  • Note that what constitutes punctuality can vary across cultures. The whole “9am means 9am” thing is largely a Western thing. Some Asian cultures for example have a much looser view of time, so “9am” really means “9am plus a half hour or so leeway”.

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