10 Things Back To The Future Got Right (And 10 Things It Got Wrong) About 2015

It’s Back To The Future Day! For non-cinephiles, this is the date when a teenage Marty McFly traveled to the far-flung “future” of 21 October, 2015 in a Delorean time machine. (The film came out in 1989, y’see.) If you plan on socialising today, this movie is almost sure to come up, along with a discussion of all the tech predictions it got right. Bluff your way through with this handy primer.

Despite being a fantasy adventure played for laughs, Back To The Future Part II got quite a few things right about 2015. Sure, flying cars and hover boards have yet to enter the mainstream, but there’s a bunch of incidental technologies in the movie that are no longer fanciful. From flat screen TVs and video conferencing, to hands-free video games and ’80s nostalgia cafes, a lot of the “ker-razy!” future hijinks imagined by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale were right on the money.

The above video from comedy duo China Uncensored lists 10 predictions Back To The Future got right about our future. You can also see 10 things it got wrong in their followup video below:


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