Apple Turns On iOS 9 Feature That Can Shrink Apps For Developers

Last month, Apple announced an app slicing feature for iOS 9 that can help developers make smaller versions of their apps. The initial release of the feature, called App Thinning, was delayed due to a bug but it is now officially available for developers. So what does this mean for iOS device user? Here are the details.

App Thinning can tailor the delivery of an app depending on what device it is downloaded on. Developers can carry on making full versions of apps and make it available on the Apple App Store. With the App Thinning feature, the App Store will can create variants of the same app include a 'lite' version which will be optimised for devices with limited storage capacity like the 8GB and 16GB iPhones. When a user downloads one of these apps through the App Store, it will automatically deliver the version that best suit the device they are on.

This is extremely useful for those who do own 8GB or 16GB iPhones and struggle with the limited amount of storage. App Thinning giving them the option to get more apps on their devices.

According to Apple:

The issue affecting app slicing has been fixed, and device-specific versions of apps will be delivered when downloaded by users running iOS 9.0.2 or later.

[Via Apple Developer Page]


    Is there a tradeoff? Why not give everyone the 'lite' version? This article seems to be missing some important information. It sounds like the tradeoff is performance, either loading time and/or actual speed that an application will perform at.

      Universal apps generally have all the assets for every device it can run on. This means all the extra higher resolution images and textures for iPads etc. You wouldnt want to give iPad users (or iphone 6 plus etc) the lite version as it would mean they are missing out on something.

      you cant sync apps back to itunes, if that interests you

    App thinning is a good thing that can narrowed down to specific devices.

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