21 Gorgeous Android Wear Faces For Your Wrist

21 Gorgeous Android Wear Faces For Your Wrist

One of the big benefits of strapping an Android Wear watch to your wrist is customising your timepiece to suit your personality, current mood or sartorial taste. As Google’s wearable platform has grown, we’ve seen more and more Android Wear watch faces show up on Google Play — here are some of our favourites that you can download right now. Best of all, many of them are completely free.

#1 UsTwo Smart Watch Faces

UsTwo are the developers behind Monument Valley, so you know their watch faces are going to be worth downloading. You actually get four faces here, covering weather, fitness and your busy schedule. [Free]

#2 PAC-MAN Watch Face

It’s PAC-MAN on your watch — what else is there really to say? You can’t actually play the game, but the characters chomp and float around your Android Wear timepiece to mark the passing seconds. [$1.19]

#3 Bouncing Isaac

You’re unlikely to get bored with Bouncing Isaac adorning your Android Wear watch with the colours and shapes changing based on feedback from the sensors inside your device. The more you move, the more variety there is. [Free]

#4 Weather Watch Face

Plenty of faces show the weather, temperature, and battery life of your phone, but few do with such minimal elegance like Weather Watch Face. Get all the meteorological information you need with at a glance. [Free]

#5 MUJI to Relax

A beautifully minimal choice that’ll ease your stress levels and put you into a peaceful frame of mind every time you look at it. It’s actually a full relaxation app with a selection of nicely designed watch faces. [Free]

#6 Moods Of Norway

Norwegian fashion brand Moods Of Norway has its own collection of Android Wear watch faces you can try out, too. They change on a daily basis, bringing a new and distinctive look to your timepiece every 24 hours. [Free]

#7 Space and Time Watch Face

The animated Space And Time Watch Face doesn’t actually do much, but it’s cartoony style looks fantastic on both square and round wearables. The discreet ambient mode is worth the download on its own. [Free]

#8 Rotating Watch Face

This face may not be much to look at — though we do like its clean and simple lines, as well as the red and grey colour scheme — but its main trick is that the face rotates so you can wear your watch on the inside of your wrist. [Free]

#9 LCARS Android Wear Watch Face

Calling all Trekkies! Get a piece of the Star Trek universe on your wrist with this authentic-looking LCARS watch face. It sticks to the basics as far as on-screen information goes, but this one’s all about its scifi looks. [Free]

#10 Orbit – Watch Face

Installing Orbit on your Android Wear device feels like taking a step into the future. Every last pixel has been carefully designed, and the accompanying customization app lets you tweak the data shown on the display. [$1.71]

#11 Weather Timeline – Forecast

Weather Timeline is one of the best weather apps you’ll come across on Android, and it has a distinctive-yet-simple Android Wear watch face bundled along with it, showing both current conditions and forecasts. [$0.99]

#12 Watch Face – Minimal & Elegant

This oddly named option packs a whole host of information into the display but manages to look uncluttered at the same time. Control your apps and options like your phone’s flashlight as well as checking the time. [$1.39]

#13 Mysterious Forest Watchface

Occasionally surprising and beautifully rendered, Mysterious Forest looks more like an interactive storybook than an Android Wear skin. One for those who would rather have artwork than data dials showing on their wrist. [Free]

#14 Newton: Interstellar WatchFace

Take an interstellar trip right from your Android Wear device. Enter the speed you want to travel, and the watch face lets you know how far you’ve gone and which celestial objects you’re approaching. And it looks great, too. [Free]

#15 Pujie Black Watch Face

Not only does the Pujie Black face look streamlined and stylish, it also comes with a bunch of fully customisable indicators to choose from — everything from watch and phone battery level to the current weather forecast. [$2.20]

#16 Wear Time Circuit – Watch Face

One of the paid-for entries in our round-up, but still. This guy has animated, flowing electrons right on your Android Wear watch face. In the centre, there’s a dot matrix clock that’s also kind to your smartwatch’s battery life. [$1.84]

#17 Ranger Military Watch Face

One of those watch faces that makes your Android Wear timepiece look a lot more expensive than it (probably) is. You can choose the data that appears in the watch dials, and there’s a special night mode included. [$1.49]

#18 Kevin Tong Watch Face

American illustrator Kevin Tong is the man behind this distinctive set of watch faces. Why not have an animated android on your Android Wear watch? Seems fitting. The faces also change and evolve with the time of day. [Free]

#19 Watch Face – Minimus360

Clean lines, bold colours and quick access to voice controls — there’s a lot to like about the Minimus360 watch face. If you value looks over a plethora of dials and dashboards then put this on your shortlist. [$1.09]

#20 InstaWeather for Android Wear

Another watch face that shows the weather forecast, but this one’s worth a mention because of the many different styles of watch faces you can choose from — pay an in-app fee and get an additional weather radar option. [Free]

#21 Street Art Watch Face

Google’s very own Street Art Watch Face comes with a host of different faces to pick from, designed especially for Android Wear by a long list of designers and artists. Even if you have the most nuanced art tastes, Street Art most likely has something to love. [Free]

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  • I want the classic Mickey Mouse watch on a wearable!!! There are so many promo op’s for businesses to push their brands on these, its surprising nobody’s ever bothered setting up some sort of assembly line. An official Ferrari watchface for example, or Manchester United, or New York Yankee’s, or Disney stuff (like the Mickey Mouse watchface mentioned earlier), or even just for new release movies.

    Basically, the same mentality as movie posters, desktop wallpaper, stuff like that. Surely it wouldnt be too hard to set up some sort of modular system they could use to make branded faces.

  • A lot of these app designers would make terrible horologists. A watch face should be clear and easy to read, it should be very fast to read too.

    Consider that a watch wearer looks at their watch a lot, and they should normally be very fast glances with a full understanding of the time. You should be able to do it while driving, and not take 5 seconds separating the pretty pictures from the tiny numbers.

    Some of those faces are very clear and will allow one to glance and know the time, but look at the stupid complexity of the right hand side #21 or #16 where the numbers are second place to the lines and are actually lost in that complexity. #12, just too much information and the contrast is wrong.

    Fine, some people just want to look at pretty pictures, but that can be done in far better ways.

    As for the (c) Disney comment above, and as someone who used to work for the Rat, they would make a lot of money, but the legal and technical teams move very slowly. It will take them years of work to make a watch app they are happy with and add the necessary DRM so that nobody can misuse the Mouse’s copyrighted image without permission. As a corporation (c) Disney are not at all agile but they are incredibly protective of the brand.

    So protective that (c) Disney even appears on the cutlery and crockery of the Executive boardroom in Burbank CA.

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