15 Healthy Afternoon Snacks That Double As Brain Fuel [Infographic]

Mid-afternoon munchies are the worst. You need to eat something to get you through the day — yet the choices on offer are usually high in sodium, sugar and/or saturated fats. Thankfully, there are a handful of snacks on the market that provide a substantial energy boost without compromising your health. This infographic lists 15 of the best.

Chip picture from Shutterstock

The following infographic was sent in by Citrix's video conferencing platform GoToMeeting. Handily, the graph includes a nutrition breakdown, serving suggestions and an explanation of why each snack is considered good brain food. While some of these snacks aren't practical for the office (crackers and hommus are way too messy) there are still plenty of desk-friendly options ranging from the common to unusual. Check out the full list below!

[Via GoToMeeting]


    Adderall, 0 calories and hours of focus, perfect for that afternoon slump!

    Yet another bit of advertisement masquerading as an article.

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