Windows 10 Start Menu Lags When There Are Too Many Files On It

An odd bug has been found on the Windows 10 operating system which causes the Start Menu to lag when too many files are added to it. Here's how you can test the issue.

Microsoft has issued a notice about a problem with the Windows 10 Start Menu when more than 512 files are added onto it. Along with lagging, this bug also makes some apps disappear from the All Apps list on the Start Menu.

While you may never add that many files to the Start Menu, this bug could be a major problem for some users. I know a few people who are relentless in adding files to the Start Menu, so here's a public service announcement to them.

Microsoft has recommended the following steps if you want to test the bug:

[Y]ou can do so by creating a folder on the %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu directory and pasting shortcuts of more than 512 images. Keep in mind that this may cause the Start Menu to completely stop working, so we recommend checking out the bug on a Virtual Machine.

[Via Microsoft News]


    I have microsoft 535 smart phone and I too want it to upgrade from windows 8.1 to windows 10, but now I think I should wait for some upcoming changes in windows 10 and only after that I will go for it.

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