What Is Your Secret For Getting The Kids Ready On Time?

What Is Your Secret for Getting the Kids Ready On Time?

When you have kids, especially young ones, it can be tough to get everyone out the door on time. Establishing a solid morning routine can help, but what's your secret to getting your kids (and yourself) ready on schedule?

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Maybe you speed up your morning routine by laying your kid's clothes out the night before or setting a timer so they don't spend too long in the shower. When I was growing up, I hated getting up, so my mum put the comics page next to my breakfast, which encouraged me to get up with enough time to read them before I had to leave. What about you? Share your tips for getting your kids ready on time in the discussion below.


    Similar to the comic book vein, my partner's son loves to watch cartoons in the morning. He isn't allowed to watch TV until he has got himself ready for the day.

    At first is was tricky, as he didn't know what part of the routine came next. We trialed a few different ideas, but the best one was to return the question back to him when he asked "what else do I have to do?" with "What part of getting ready have you not done?". At first his responses were all jumbled and in the wrong order, but eventually we got there.

    My sons just get ready cause they want to get to school to play football or cricket or whatever before class. If they are a little slow I find turning it into a competition will get their butts moving. My daughter is a little more tricky, she goes to special school and the bus picks her up at 7am. I do her underwear and socks and she does her pants, top and shoes. IF she is ready in time she can watch a little babyTV before the bus comes. Though a normal 7 year old should not need that much help......

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