What Do You Do To Decompress After Work?

What Do You Do to Decompress After Work?

Even if you're pretty good at leaving work at a decent time, your mind continues to mull over the events of the day. Even so, turning that off and relaxing is important, both for creativity and for managing stress. How do you disengage and relax after work?

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Having an activity you regularly do right after work is one way to get that mental distance. I start preparing dinner soon after I get home, because it gives me a task that doesn't take too much mental energy while also allowing me to engage in an activity I enjoy.

Besides reducing stress, creating an evening routine that helps you relax after work can even help you avoid insomnia. Do you have something you do to turn off the workday? Share it in the discussions below.


    I ride my bike home. That brings me right back into the world of the living.

    Crack a beer.

    Catch up on the day's gawker articles, always too late to add anything meaningful to the comments!

    I have a hour long commute, so whether it's listening to music, watching TV or part of a movie, or listening to news/talkback radio, I find that work is usually the last thing I think about after I get home.

      my half-hour of podcasts on the commute make a big difference to my day

    Every Friday, I walk down Elizabeth Street and look at the camera shops, Minotaur Book shop and the disposals store.
    Sometimes I might see some of the new photographic gear that was recently announced, generally takes 6-8 weeks from announcement to actually seeing it.
    I set my phone to do not disturb.

    throw some things into the air. i can usually catch most of them before they hit the ground

    Rocket League!

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