What Are The Best Multipurpose Plants To Have In Your Garden?

What Are the Best Multi-Purpose Plants for Your Garden?

There are many plants that are useful for more than cooking or decorating. For example, many common herbs have health benefits, and they're easy to grow. What multi-use plants will you have in your garden this spring?

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Many edible plants can be used for brewing your own tea, salves to help soothe injuries, and even for housecleaning. What are your recommendations for plants that earn their keep (in more ways than one?)

Growing Medicinal Herbs and Plants at Home [Fix]


    Lemongrass for its dual-use in curry paste and tea. Ginger likewise.

      Is ginger easy to grow? I've never tried it.

    Flat leaf or european parsely
    Almost weed like growth, ever lasting, self seeding, continous supply of herb and also its a great green plant visually in the garden. So you eat it and it looks nice

    Cannabis for its dual purpose medical and.... well not everyone will understand the rest.

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