Use A Paper Notebook To Look More Attentive In Meetings

Use a Paper Notebook to Look More Attentive in Meetings

We know you're always paying 100% attention to every meeting you go to, but how does everyone else know when you've got your laptop open or are looking at your phone? Scribble in a paper notebook, however, and you might look like the only one who's paying attention.

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Technology has a way of distracting people — not just you, meeting attendee typing on your laptop, but the presenters and everyone else at the table. With a simple paper notebook, however, you look like you're taking notes and are quite serious about the meeting compared to those not taking notes or possibly updating their Facebook statuses regarding boring meetings. You can (and probably should) take actual notes, of course, but if you need to fake interest or attention, scribbling in a notebook might do.

We're not saying Evernote founder Phil Libin ever pretends to pay attention during meetings, but this tip comes from him:

"If you use a notebook, if you like write in a notebook while you're talking to someone, they will feel like, 'Man, this person really cares about me.' It totally flips the odometer the other way. You are signalling deep caring and interest." [...] "Even if you're just drawing houses and clouds and unicorns," Libin said.

Evernote founder shares his secret to looking interested during meetings [Business Insider]


    I use a notebook, but I tend to be paying so much attention that I rarely get time to take notes!

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