This Video Explains All The Ways You're Packing Wrong

Packing for a trip is a burdensome art form. We all need to do it occasionally, but most of us are probably doing it wrong. This video explains how you should be packing.

While the video includes some useful tips on how to conserve space (like the bundle method), it also covers some of the less-common tips. For example: don't pack drunk or tired. This is probably some of the most ignored advice, which leads to forgetting things. Also, bring a plastic bag to keep your dirty clothes separate in your bag on the way home. Check out the video for more.

You're Packing Wrong [You're Doing It Wrong]


    The last video I watched of these two was about washing hands. It was very long and contained 30 seconds of real content. They take the Wadsworth constant to extremes. I can't watch again.

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      That's a pretty bang on assessment of this video you haven't seen as well. About 30 seconds of content. The first 3 minutes is a "comedic" look at the history of luggage.

      You're not missing much. Their top 5 tips are: 1) don't pack when drunk (common sense); 2) use empty space such as filling shoes with socks or t-shirts (what about the smell?); 3) using the "bundle" method to wrap clothes around other clothes (nevermind the creases); 4) clothes must be packed in this order - jackets first, long skirts/dresses, long shirts, short shirts, pants, sweaters/jumpers/hoodies/wool/knits, shorts; and 5) put extra bags in the luggage for sorting your dirty clothes.

      This last tip is the only useful one IMO and something I already do. This is especially useful for Asian countries where getting laundry done by the locals in the street is dirt cheap and an absolute no-brainer. I've never had an negative incident as a result of this.

      I've never spoiled a video like this before but I felt the need on this occasion.

        You are a champion. Thanks for the summary. There really needs to be a service that skims videos and outputs the notable content. Very difficult I know - but it would be gold.

        Or people could stop producing War & Peace videos when it's not appropriate.

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