Telstra's New 4GX Device Will See You Browsing At Up To 600Mbps

Hot on the heels of its 450Mbps Category 9 devices, Telstra is already rushing to outdo itself. The Aussie telco today revealed the world's first Category 11 mobile hotspot, offering blistering speeds of up to 600mbps.

In a country where quality internet can often be hard to come by, these excessive speeds are coming to you thanks to the telco's previous investment in the superfast 4GX network.

The device is developed in tandem with a whole host of tech companies, comprising of NETGEAR's AirCard, Ericsson's Carrier Aggregation technology and Qualcomm's Snapdragon modem — but I know you're more interested in how you can get your hands on that holy grail of 600 megabits per second.

Available from September 29 onwards, the new device will retail for $264, but actually using that superfast internet is going to cost you. 4GB of data — which, at 600mbps could potentially be used up in under a minute — will set you back $35 on Telstra's current plans.

If you do happen to have a couple of hundred dollars spare lying around and you want to burn through it extra quickly, you can connect up to 15 Wi Fi enabled devices at once. The device is able to switch between 4GX — currently only available in certain hotspots along the Eastern Seaboard — 4G and 3G depending on local availability, and boasts an 11 hour battery life with continuous usage.

Luckily for your wallet, the 600mbps speed is largely theoretical. With many more users connected to the network, speeds will invariably be lower than this optimistic projection, especially if you're not in a location with perfect coverage.

Still, if you want to be insanely jealous, you can watch Telstra's test of the device's download and upload speeds in the below video.



    If my number crunching is right, you could download 75mb per second, which would use up the 15gb allowance of their biggest plan in less than 3.5 minutes.

    Seems kinda pointless to have these speeds without the data allowance to use anything

      Because mass downloading is absolutely the ideal use case for high speed mobile broadband.. /facepalm.

      That's two entirely different things... Speed is the topic, not allowance. You essentially have the capability of downloading a 4K youtube video at the blink of an eye or download large files from your office while in the taxi going towards your client meeting. Allowance has nothing to do with the convenience of speed.

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