Takeaway Truth: McDonald's Mighty McMuffin

Takeaway Truth is an occasional Lifehacker feature where we compare marketing images against what you actually get served. Today: McDonald's Mighty McMuffin.

The McDonald's Mighty McMuffin is a 'roided up Sausage & Egg McMuffin that throws two rashers of bacon and ketchup into the mix. The result is a dangerously indulgent breakfast snack even by Macca's standards: a single serve packs in 1950kJ of energy, 11.4g of saturated fat, 31.5g of carbohydrates, 5.7g of sugars and 1220mg of sodium. That's a pretty hefty total for something you can polish off in four or five bites.

McDonald's has been periodically releasing the Mighty McMuffin since at least 2010. If the company can be believed, this latest return to the menu was precipitated by consumer demand. Apparently, a single McMuffin just doesn't cut it in today's market. (I'll just leave this here.)

For those keen to see the muffin in action, here is McDonald's most recent Mighty McMuffin advert. (The new version is identical.)

So how do McDonald's scrumptious advertisements for the Mighty McMuffin compare to the real McCoy? To find out, we ordered one from McDonald's Circular Quay outlet and shot it from the same angle as the official website image. The results are below:

Okay, so this isn't actually that terrible. The muffin has been lazily assembled (we're pretty sure this is a McDonald's law) but the results aren't as messy or slipshod as the average burger. The ingredients also look pretty faithful to the advert. We've definitely seen worse efforts in our time.

With that said, it's difficult to get past that top bun. Call us crazy, but it looks like a hungry Macca's employee (or maybe rogue rat) took a bite out of it. Ewww.

In reality, a weakened portion of bread probably fell off during preparation but let's face it — it's not a good look. One of the staff members should have caught this and swapped the muffin out. As such, we're going to have to dock Macca's at least one point here. Sorry Ronald.

Truth Rating: 5/10

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    Would be better if it was bbq sauce. Tomato sauce on breakfast is a bit yuck to me.

      Just request that they remove tomato sauce and add BBQ sauce when you order. You can pretty much customise anything at Maccas if you want.

      Sauce (pun): Ex McDonald's Employee

        Unless you ask for a McGangBang. They never do that one for you.

        An entire McChicken inside a Quarter Pounder, for those who might like to know...

    But they taste DELICIOUS!!!!

    And yeah.... I think Maccas actually changed their bacon in the time since doing that promo shot so wouldn't be surprised if it was a different shape.

    The bacon is never cooked enough in those things

    I need everyone's help on this - the cheese in the last 2 sausage and egg McMuffins I have had didn't taste right - or even good at all. It tasted kinda like feet. Is this a change to menu, and/or does it have anything to do with the new (stupid) build your own facility at Maccas. Any and all feedback welcomed - please help a fellow LH'r. Thanks.

    I actually do not like these at all

    I prefer my bacon and egg and sausage and egg muffins to be seperate, not all 3 together. And the sauce actually ruins it.

    These have been a stable at my local Maccas for months, having never left their board.

    As always, some days it tastes way better than others on the occasions that I indulge. Best ever - everything was cooked fresh. Worse ever - the sausage was dry and the bacon hard. Generally it comes somewhere between the two.

    I just get two sausage and egg McMuffins with bacon. Sauce? Ew...

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