Swipe To Delete Alarms In iOS 9

Swipe to Delete Alarms in iOS 9

For whatever reason, if you wanted to delete an alarm in iOS, you always had to tap Edit, then delete each alarm from there. Finally, in iOS 9, you can just swipe left to delete them.

I doubt this bothered everyone as else as much as it bothered me, but it always annoyed me that you couldn't swipe to delete alarms in iOS. It's not revolutionary, but it's nice to see it here. You can also swipe to delete any world clocks you have in the Clocks app.


    Wait? havent you been able to do this for a while or am I thinking of Windows Phone? (been through so many smartphones to test in the last 12 months I legit cant remember lol)

    I wonder who's going to take Apple to court for this one first...

    Meanwhile, they broke music alarms. Now whatever song you pick loops continuously instead of just playing once.

    I get some people might want that - but they're suddenly forcing you to do it the opposite way. Add it as an option instead of breaking existing functionality, guys.

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