Soothe Hot Pepper Hands With A Mild Bleach Solution

Soothe Hot Pepper Hands with a Mild Bleach Solution

Working with hot peppers can leave your hands a bit fiery, sometimes for hours. Next time you brave the peppers without gloves, reach for the bleach.

Even washing your hands with soap and water won't get rid of the burn that a good, hot pepper can leave behind on your skin. Gloves are the best way to avoid the problem altogether, but if your hands are already on fire, douse them with a mild 5:1 solution of water to bleach. The bleach helps turn the capsaicin that hasn't yet absorbed into your skin into a water-soluble salt that washes away.

Another reason to keep that bleach solution around? It's the right concentration for quickly disinfecting things like cutting boards after washing them. Just give them a spritz after washing them. No need rinse afterward. I always keep a spray bottle under the sink.

The Best Remedies for Hot Pepper Hands [the kitchn] Photo by Liz West.


    Eat hot chillis, soothe by drinking bleach, got it.

    Accidentally drink bleach, soothe by eating some Chillis? got it...

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