Social Media Compliance For The Enterprise

Over the years we have seen a torrent of enterprises from various industries join the social media fray. Be it a Facebook page or a Twitter account, companies are now communicating directly with customers and building their brands through social media. While it’s easy to just start tweeting with reckless abandon, businesses need to be mindful of compliance risks that can stem from blindly jumping onto the social media bandwagon with no strategy.

Social media compliance is something enterprises need to be mindful of when they begin their social network journey, especially when the company belongs to a highly regulated industry such as finance and pharmaceutical. Yvonne Tey is the marketing director for Asia-Pacific at Hootsuite, a social media management business and has three tips to help organisations to navigate the social media compliance labyrinth.

Building a social compliant workforce

“If your workforce has not been equipped with social media training, your organisation is at an increased social media compliance risk,” Tey told Lifehacker Australia. Providing ongoing social media training that is catered to employees is crucial to building a compliant workforce within an organisation.

“Educating your employees opens up many new opportunities for your business in the social media space as they can be potential brand advocates for your company; definitely one of the most cost-effective methods to leverage for your employer branding strategy,” Tey said.

Setting up a centralised command centre

Having a centralised social media command centre means enterprises are able to ensure compliance and standards across all social media accounts, according to Tey. Security measures for these accounts can be ratified and pushed to all devices and departments, making it all easier to manage for a company’s compliance team.

“Overall, establishing a centralised social media command centre streamlines and accelerates your organisation’s overall approval process within one single platform, eliminating tiresome email threads between content producers and compliance officers,” Tey said.

Ongoing social listening and monitoring

Knowledge is power and that rings true when it comes to enforcing social media compliance policies. Organisations need to be aware of what’s happening around their brand. There are social monitoring tools available that is able to gauge an organisation’s brand presence and sentiment, allowing the designated social media community manager to perform actions such as moderate inappropriate comments or tweets left on the company’s accounts, according to Tey.

How does your company manage its social media presence? Let us know in the comments.

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