Selling Your iPhone Today Could Net You An Extra $200

Selling Your iPhone Today Could Net You An Extra $200

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will go on sale in Australia next Friday (25 September). If you’re planning to ugrade your existing iPhone, you’d be well advised to act before the market becomes saturated with second-hand models. According to Gumtree’s latest findings, you could make an extra $200 by selling sooner rather than later.

Gumtree Australia has released new data detailing the best time to sell used iPhones. Apparently, putting up a listing just before a new model is released results in an extra return of $200 on average. That’s a decent chunk of change at almost no additional effort.

As you’d expect, the worst time to sell is directly after a new model has been released. Last year, Gumtree saw a 203% increase in iPhone listings after the release of the iPhone 6. With more than four times as many iPhones glutting the site, sellers were forced to offer attractive prices. It’s all about supply and demand, innit?

Likewise, if you’re still a few generations behind the 6S, you should definitely hold off until late September/early October to upgrade your phone. By then the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will be much cheaper. Naturally, the same advice applies to other trading sites such as eBay.

You can use Gumtree’s Price Checker to see the average selling price of your phone. We’re curious to see how much prices go down compared to last time.


  • The article is right about the timeframe, but there’s something missing that I can’t find.

    Usually, a second hand iPhone will sell for about 1/2 the buy price when the new phone gets released (well, based on the last 5 years). A phone that you paid $1200 for will often sell for about $600.

    The link listed (Price Checker) says that if you hold out, you will get (on average) $200 more. It doesn’t look like it factors in release dates or times of the year. It’s simply saying that if you set a higher price, it will take longer to sell.

    The table also appears to be broken. Supposedly, an iPhone 4s will fetch over $500 (at best), but the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s will fetch $348 and $464 respectively. This might be because people are willing to pay a higher price for a smaller phone (despite age and battery condition), but that doesn’t seem a good enough reason for such a price difference. It could also be that the pool of sales was sufficiently small that the data is wildly inaccurate, or it’s just working off wrong data.

    Ultimately, a quick auction for the next few days is most probably the best way to get a slightly better return.

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