See How Your Team Uses Slack With Google Analytics

Slack is a popular instant messaging app that can help teams within a business collaborate better. It would be useful for business managers to be able to see just how often team members talk to each other on Slack to measure just how effectively they are working together. Google developer expert, Nico Miceli, has created a bot that can do just that and you can get it for yourself on GitHub.

The Slackalytics bot can also be used to track communications with clients when consultants speak with them through Slack. The data can be then be visualised in Google Analytics Custom Reports.

If you're interested in trying Miceli's project for yourself, you can get the app code off GitHub. For full instructions on how to set up Slackalytics in your company, you can head over to Miceli's blog.

[Via Nico Miceli blog]


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