SalesforceIQ Brings Intelligent Automation To Sales Rep Emails

Cloud computing software giant, Salesforce, has launched several new offerings including SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud which is able to scrape customer information from the emails of sales representative to help them close deals.

Salesforce acquired RelateIQ, a company that specialised in a smart customer relationship management platform, in 2014. The platform uses data science to sieve through emails to glean intelligence that will then prompt sales people to takes recommended actions to move a deal along and reminders for unactioned emails.

Now Salesforce has integrated RelateIQ's technology into its Sales Cloud offering. Not only is SalesforceIQ capable of working through emails, it also links with a users Sales Cloud account which can pull more information to assist sales representatives. The tool can then make contextual recommendations that sales people can action directly from their email.

For example, if a client has sent an email requesting more information about a certain offering, SalesforceIQ can pull a reply email together with the relevant e-brochures which can be sent back to the customer with just one tap. There are other automated featuers such as quickly inserting commonly used phrases into emails.

There is also an SMB version of SalesforceIQ which provides data analytics on a smaller scale for smaller businesses. IT doesn't quite have the same kind of integrated email functionality that is on SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud but it does still offer recommended actions for users to progress sales.

SalesforceIQ for Small Business is available in Australia starting at US$25 per user per month. SalesforceIQ for SAles Cloud is currently in beta and free for Sales Cloud users in English. You can download the iOS, Android and Chrome app now.

Spandas Lui travelled to San Francisco as a guest of Salesforce.


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