Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Lets You Make Your Own Tablet

It has been a few years in the making, but the Raspberry Pi Foundation has finally launched a touchscreen for its eponymous single-board miniature computer. The frame comes in different colours. Here are the technical specifications for the touchscreen.

  • RGB 800×480 display @60fps
  • 24-bit colour
  • FT5406 10 point capacitive touchscreen
  • 70 degree viewing angle
  • Metal-backed display with mounting holes for the Pi

The product connects to the DSI connector on the Raspberry Pi and can power it from the driver board as well, meaning you can just use one power supply. This also means you don't have to waste the HDMI connector on the touchscreen.

The Raspberry Pi touchscreen can be bought for around £48 (AU$105.04) over at Raspberry Pi Foundation's online shop.

To see how you can assemble the touchscreen with your Raspberry Pi, check out the video below:

[Via Raspberry Pi Foundation Blog]


    Would be interesting to try and combine this with Windows 10 IoT!

    Thanks. Those mounting screws could be a little shorter - they really increase the thickness of the unit.

      I'm guessing you could just use the screws instead of the mounting screws if you didn't want to mount the pi on it.

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