MyNetFone Brings Out Internet Plan Specifically For Renters

The number of renters in Australia is increasing as the local housing market makes owning a home a pipe dream for a large number of people. When you don't have a permanent place to settle down in, procuring a landline internet connection is a pain in the neck with most contracts locking you in for two years lest you want to pay a high premium to use the service. MyNetFone aims to solve this problem by bringing out an broadband plan aimed squarely at renters.

So the lease for your rental home is 12 months and the contract for your broadband plan is 24 months. What happens when you have to move your year is up? You can cancel the contract or pay a relocation cost to move your connection with you to a new place, both of which will incur a hefty fee.

You could have signed onto a no-contract broadband plan but they are usually exorbitantly expensive and the data cap is smaller than their 24-month counterparts. Having moved over 10 times in my life, these are problems that I have encountered many times myself and adds to the stress of moving. MyNetFone has made an attempt to make having broadband easier for renters with what they claim is the first DSL internet plan tailored for this market segment. The company is a reseller of Optus.

Here's the breakdown:

  • MyNetFone Renter Internet Plan
  • Price: $49 per month with
  • One-off cost: Fee of $99 + $16.95 modem postage fee.
  • Data allowance: 500GB per month
  • Contract length: Six months.
  • Additional features: Free relocation and free modem.

To put things in perspective, Optus charges $80 per month for a 200GB data allowance on its standalone broadband plans on a 24 month contract. For Telstra it's $75 for 100GB. TPG charges $39.99 for 150GB. The prices go up for plans no-contract arrangements.

Lifehacker wil be doing a broadband pricing comparison soon so stay tuned!

If you're a renter and want to find out more about the plan, you can visit the MyNetFone website.


    So much strikethrough, I don't know what's real anymore. What is life? Why are we here? Are we here at all?

      Sorry. That was my bad... all fixed now! :D

    It's certainly a good development for the market... wish it was with a speedier provider though... I'm with MyNetFone in Fortitude Valley Brisbane only about 500m from the exchange and wouldn't get more than 1.7Meg download speeds when other people in the area are getting 4Meg+

      Sync speed or actual download speed? If it's the sync speed them it's probably the physical condition of your line rather than the provider. If the later, then yeah probably oversubscribed.

    Meanwhile here in Indonesia you pay for speed not data on a fiber connection.
    Au$35.00 10Mbps + phone with 1000 minutes calls to landlines + pay TV + unlimited data on all plans.
    20Mbps $65.00

    TPG: $59.95/month, unlimited, 6 month contract, $99 setup. Downside is, $99 relocation... I only have good things to say about their service. I've had a line fault in the past, and although it took a little bit to get fixed (was a telstra issue) they were extremely helpful, kept me in the loop, and all round good service.

    1,255 kbps ADSL2+ download speeds from MNF when I know I can get 12,000 kbps on my line from other ISPs.

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