Mix Espresso And Coke For The Ultimate Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

Mix Espresso and Cola for the Ultimate Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

The best, most grown-up way to "have energy" is to get enough sleep, eat food that grows out of the ground, and exercise (which I swear I do, mum). But life isn't perfect and we all need a little external stimulus every now and again, which is why Espresso Coke is my new afternoon beverage of choice.

Photo by Dustin Gaffke.

Yes, the blend of coffee and coke may cause you to vibrate in a slightly unpleasant manner, but according to the creators of this beautiful union (Mike Haft and Harrison Suarez of Compass Coffee), that's the goal. "It's for those times when you really need to get stuff done," Haft told Bon Appetit.

Click the link below for tips on how to make the tastiest Espresso Coke possibly, but I plan to keep it simple and just pour a Coca-Cola (maybe even Diet Coke because I'm gross) over a couple of iced espresso shots or a bit of cold brew (or just cold coffee I brewed earlier that morning because, again, I'm not a very fancy lady).

Espresso Cola: Give Your Soda the Coffee Treatment It Deserves [Bon Appetit]


    I'd rather a Kalhua and coke, and maybe some vodka. Actually, forget the coke.

      My upvoting on LH is still broken, so that's a shame. So many tasty variations on the Black Russian - Stoli has a great Chocolate/Coconut vodka that is pretty amazing in coffee flavoured cocktails.

      Last edited 28/09/15 8:41 am

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