Microsoft Brings Out Enterprise Goodies For Windows 10 Insiders

Windows 10 is rolling out new Windows 10 capabilities for enterprises that will be accessible by those on the Windows Insiders program. This is part of a broader plan by Microsoft to drive enterprise adoption of its new operating system. Here's a look at what's new.

The following features, which will be available to Windows Insiders this month:

  • Enterprise Data Protection (EDP) To reduce the risk of accidental data disclosure through external services like third-party email , social media and public cloud offerings, EDP helps to better separate and protect enterprise apps and data with minimal impact to employees. You can find out more about it here.

  • Microsoft Passport Provides secure application, website and network logins for workers without the need for a password.

  • Windows Store For Business Allows organisations to access Windows Store apps and internal enterprise apps, making management and deployment of apps on work devices easier for IT administrators.

All this was announced alongside Microsoft's broader initiative to increase enterprise takeup of Windows 10. As part of its Surface Enterprise Initiative, Microsoft has formed a new partnership with hardware vendor, Dell, to bring Windows 10 devices and services to organisations.

Dell will be selling Microsoft Surface Pro and complementary accessories to enterprises as part of this deal but this is only happening in the US and Canada for now. There are plans to expand this arrangement to other markets early next year.

[Via Microsoft Windows Blog]


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