Lookback Options: Our Nine Favourite Posts From Last Week

We post a lot of articles here at Lifehacker. Even if you visit the site on a daily basis, there are bound to be a few stories that slip by your radar. Lookback Options collects nine highlights from the week that was. Click on the headlines to see the stories you missed out on!

Each week, we bring together nine of our favourite posts from the Life, Work and IT Pro categories. Some of these stories proved exceedingly popular with readers while others simply contain good, useful content. If you missed them first time around, we guarantee they are worth reading.


White Or Red: A Guide To Common Wine Varieties

Have you ever pronounced Merlot with a hard "t"? Made the heinous mistake of calling something Champagne when it was clearly just sparkling wine? Been completely unsure of how to pronounce 'Tempranillo' and just mumbled your best guess into your hand? In Part Two of Lifehacker's wine guide, we'll be teaching you about some of the grape varieties you're likely to encounter in Australian wine, ranging from Sauvignon Blanc to Sangiovese.

What It's Like To Watch A 3D VMax Movie From The Very Front Row

This week, I was invited to an early-preview screening of Ridley Scott's new science-fiction movie The Martian. Unfortunately, a train delay meant I arrived just as the film was about to start. The massive VMax cinema only had a handful of seats left — all of which were in the front row. Would stupidly-close 3D enhance the experience or make me want to vomit? There was only one way to find out...

How To Get Into Cosplay

Have you ever wanted to break into the world of cosplay? Or maybe you just want a kickass costume for your next themed party? Even if you've never touched a sewing machine before (let alone power tools or thermoplastics) there's still hope! The first step to getting into cosplay is to remind yourself that everyone has to start somewhere. Eight years ago, I didn't even know how to backstitch on my Elna Elina 40 — if you're wondering what the hell a 'backstitch' is right now, you're in the right place.

A Facebook 'Dislike' Button Is Coming - But It's Not What You Think

Today, Facebook’s co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg hinted that the company would be releasing a “Dislike” button for its popular social networking platform. This is something that users have been clamoring for since the original Like button made its debut in 2007. However, it probably won’t work in the way you’re thinking.


How To Fix IOS 9's Biggest Annoyances

How to Fix iOS 9's Biggest Annoyances

iOS 9 is here and as with any new operating system, it introduces all kinds of new features — some of which aren't for everybody. If there's anything you don't like, you can probably turn it off. Here's how to do it.

Test Your Intelligence With This Classic Bridge-Crossing Riddle

Some riddles are more than just a bit of fun — they're also an effective intelligence barometer. The following brain-teaser from TED-Ed will test both your maths knowledge and ability to think outside the box. It starts with four people who need to get to the other side of a bridge, each with their own walking speeds and quickly gets complicated...

IT Pro

How Toy Makers Survive In The Digital Age

Playing with toys used to be the predominant way kids kept themselves entertained. With a bit of imagination, children could play with Lego and Barbies for hours, completely immersed in their own fantasy world. Nowadays, they would rather be tapping away at animated characters on iPads. Technology has changed the way kids play and toy makers are now using technology to win them back.

Establish A 'F*ck Off' Price If You're Self-Employed

Freelancers and other self-employed individuals: Do you have a "f*ck off price"? Without one, you might succumb to taking on jobs that pay much less than you're worth.

How Philanthropy Can Help You Recruit And Retain Staff

Good employees are hard to find and it's in a company's best interest to recruit and keep as many of them as possible. One of the ways to do this is ensuring your organisation is attractive to work at. Money doesn't always inspire people to be loyal to an employer — but making them feel good about where they work can. Here's where philanthropy comes in.


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