LikeaJob Is Tinder For Job Seekers And Employers

Australians now have access to a web service that touts itself as the Tinder of the job marketplace. LikeaJob is a website that connects job hunters to potential employers via a "like" system that is similar to the popular dating app.

The Tinder formula is gradually gaining traction in the business market. Last month, we saw Forbes magazine over in the US launching a social networking app to connect young business leaders. Now LikeaJob has come in to hook up job seekers and would-be employers.

LikeaJob lets job hunters create their own profiles with the usual resume information for free. Meanwhile, prospective employers can post job ads for a small fee. Both parties can use LikeaJob's algorithm to find matches and if an employer and potential employee "like" each other, they will be notified by email. Employers can then use pre-purchased credits to unlock the full profile and contact details of the matched job seekers.

The video below provides more details on the whole process:

Likeajob currently has over 6500 registered users. You can find out more about the service over at the LikaJob website.


    Does it only show jobs near your current location? Unlike Tinder, my objective in using this app would be NOT to get screwed.

    Sounds like a way for creepy old guys to hire young, attractive women.

      Hi Zak - can see how you come to that conclusion given the analogy. The difference with Likeajob is that the Job Seeker controls their own privacy. No photos, contact numbers or resumes are viewable unless the Job Seeker 'likes' an Employer.. So it has to 'go both ways' ....Cheers Chris

    Looks like it is power to the job seeker, more of a even transaction, replaces " job seekers form a queue over here and we will get to you when we can".

    Facebook works exactly the same way: when I see a good job offer posted or shared by one of my contacts, I share it further - maybe somebody of my contacts is looking for a new job like this. Although using a specialized job platform like is much more efficient in job advertising, as there are only interested candidates and not so many casual people who just reshare.

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