Last Week's 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted the best hidden features in iOS 9, house buying tips and workout advice for people who hate exercise. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. 20 Cognitive Biases That Affect Your Decision-Making
    We all make bad decisions sometimes, but have you ever wondered what mental obstacles can lead you astray? This infographic goes over 20 of the most common cognitive biases that can mess with your head when it’s decision time.
  2. The Best Secret Features Of iOS 9
    iOS 9 is here, and like most releases of iOS, sometimes the best features are those that are tucked away. So, while the new Notes app, News app, and other obvious improvements are great, let’s take a look at some of the lesser known stuff.
  3. Create Professional-Looking Gmail Signatures With The Google Drive Suite
    Google Drive has everything you need to create the ultimate desktop office suite, but it has some other creative business uses as well. Using Google Drawings and Google Docs you can create great looking Gmail signatures to jazz up your emails.
  4. Is Masturbation Good Or Bad For You?
    Spanking the monkey. Adjusting the pink curtains. Jerkin’ the gherkin. Slapping the oyster. Beef strokenoff. Tickling the taco. Grilling the frank-and-beans. When you consider the huge number of euphemisms that exist for male and female masturbation, two things become obvious — wankers love alliteration, and they’re kind of ashamed of it. But what if self-gratification was actually good for you? Here comes the science…
  5. How To Buy A House In Australia [Infographic]
    Buying a house is scary, complex and insanely expensive. But that doesn’t make it impossible — despite what real estate doomsayers claim. This info-guide from Hones Lawyers breaks down the key steps that every potential home buying needs to be aware of.
  6. What Now For The NBN?
    This week, Malcolm Turnbull was sworn in as Australia’s 29th Prime Minister, promising an agile, innovative and creative future driven by technology. So what does this mean for our National Broadband Network? We take a look at the chief challenges the new Communications Minister will face in dealing with the NBN.
  7. How To Finally Start Working Out (Even If You Hate It)
    Hating exercise isn’t the same as being lazy. Exercise motivation is a complicated subject, but if getting off the couch is the hardest part for you, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to finally start working out, no matter how much you might hate it.
  8. How Using A Smartphone Before Bed Affects Your Brain And Body
    As we’ve explained time and time again, using your smartphone before bed can be detrimental to the sleeping process — even if you switch off at a reasonable hour. Well, it turns out that the potential side-effects are a lot worse than previously thought.
  9. Test Your Intelligence With This Classic Bridge-Crossing Riddle
    Some riddles are more than just a bit of fun — they’re also an effective intelligence barometer. The following brain-teaser from TED-Ed will test both your maths knowledge and ability to think outside the box. It starts with four people who need to get to the other side of a bridge, each with their own walking speeds and quickly gets complicated…
  10. Ask LH: What Evidence Gets Left Behind When I Illegally Download Movies?
    Dear Lifehacker, I’m what the guys at Village Roadshow would refer to as a filthy pirate. I sail the digital seas seizing movies and TV shows with total impunity (well, so far anyway). I do this not because of unfair pricing or unavailable content — I just like free stuff. So my question is, what kind of evidence do BitTorrents sites leave behind? Has the fact I’ve never received a letter mean I’m safe, I should I prepare to walk the plank? Thanks, Captain Gingerbeard.


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