Killer Interview Question: If The World Is A Stage What Role Would You Want To Play?

In this week's KIQ, we take a look at this oddball question which is not what it seems. These kinds of queries are designed to let the interviewer see the raw, uncut versions of candidates.

Actors on stage picture from Shutterstock

The interviewer who asks this question isn't really interested in whether you want to be an actor or a stage hand. The real question here is "How good are you at improv?"

Employers aren't looking for the right answers here but how you answer the question will help them determine whether you'll fit into the company culture. The query question also serves to let interviewers see how you handle unexpected scenarios, ability to think on your feet, how you perform under pressure and to gauge your true personality.

Candidates should answer by explaining the thought process on how you came to your final decision on what role to play on the world stage. For example, if you're interviewing for a management role, you might want to say that you want to be the production director and explain how you would coordinate schedules, ensure shows run on time and manage budgets effectively.

So which role would you want to play if the world is a stage? Let us know in the comments.


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