iA Writer Adds New Previews On Mac, Customisable Keyboard On iOS

Mac/Android/iOS: iA Writer, one of the best distraction-free writing apps for Mac, iOS, and Android, was updated with a number of new features.

There are all sorts of updates to talk about with iA Writer. The Mac app gets a new Swipe to File Library feature to quickly swap between documents and a new Swipe to Preview gesture to get an HTML preview of the current document. The iOS app gets a design overhaul to ditch most of the arbitrary menus and a new customisable keyboard bar where you can arrange and add different functions to the onscreen keyboard. The Android version doesn’t get quite the love, but you’ll still get a new keyboard extension, the new menu system, and a night mode.

iA Writer ($6.67) [Google Play]
iA Writer ($12.99) [iTunes App Store]
iA Writer ($24.99) [Mac App Store]


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