Google Play Now Supports Bigger Apps For Richer Content

Google has upped the file size limit of Android apps that can be made available on its Google Play store. The move is to support developers who are building richer apps and games on the Android platform.

Google Playa picture from Shutterstock

The APK file size limit used to be 50MB and Google has now bumped this up to 100MB. Previously, if an app exceeded 50MB, developers had to release expansions that could be downloaded after an app is installed. The 100MB limit will give developers some breathing space before having to resort to expansion files.

On the user side, make sure you're not downloading a 100MB app on a mobile internet connection if your data cap is very limited. Also bear in mind that while a larger app may provide higher quality content, it might run a bit slower on your current phone, especially if it’s an older devices.

[Via Android Developers Blog]


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