Google Chrome Custom Tabs Allow Apps To Pre-Load Third Party Websites In The Background

Google has released Chrome Custom Tabs which will make loading third-party web content in Android apps super fast. This will be of great benefit to Android app developers and here's why.

When you click links within Android apps, one of two things usually happen: You are either bounced out of the app or an in-app browser, called WebView, will pop up that has very limited functionality. Both those situations aren't idea. Taking users of of the app to access third-party content is inconvenient and WebView can be clunky.

To remedy this issue, Google ahs launched Chrome Custom Tabs, which can be integrated into apps and is easy for developers to customise. An 'up' button is also included that lets users swiftly return to the app once they have finished reviewing the content.

But one of the biggest benefits of Chrome Custom Tabs is that it lets apps pre-load these external webpages in the background which makes accessing the content three times faster than before.

Instructions on how developers can integrate Chrome Custom Tabs into their apps, Google has provided detailed instructions in the video below:

[Via Google Android Developer Blog]


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