Glitch In Google Hangouts 4.0 Stops Users From Chatting

Glitch In Google Hangouts 4.0 Stops Users From Chatting
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Google Hangouts 4.0 is the latest iteration of Google’s messenger app but you might want to hold off updating to it if you haven’t already. Users have reported a glitch in Hangouts 4.0 is preventing them from using the app under certain conditions.

Hangouts 4.0 sports a new simplified design and improved speed. As the app can consolidate multiple accounts, many users go through Hangouts for instant messaging and SMSing for work and play.

The glitch, first reported by Android Police, won’t let you use Google Hangouts unless it can sign into all accounts linked to the app, even if it’s not technically possible. So if your work Gmail or Google Apps account doesn’t allow you to use Hangouts, the glitch will prevent the app from working. This is a problem that has been reported by a number of users since the app was launched last month.

The most obvious solution to this issue is to downgrde to Hangouts 3.3. You can also remove the blocked Google Apps account. If you have admin access to the Google Apps account in question, you can try activating Hangouts for it to remedy the problem.

[Via Android Police]


    • Might be due to the Stagefright bug. Could just be band aid while they fix it up. It’s probably better for it to off anyway.

  • This app also took out my Sony Google TV. In order to update it makes me sign in to a business account which I don’t have. Google needs to get their act together. Every app requires repeated signing in. Sometimes you can, sometimes not. Also had issues when Google updated YouTube for Google TV. The new version is not useful at all.

  • Glad to see this is finally getting some wider press….I was one of the first ones to report this issue to Google (in fact, the linked thread is the one I started), and after collecting a bit of info and telling us “we’re working on it”, we’ve seen and heard nothing from Google, now almost a month after Hangouts 4.0 was released into the wild. Maybe this getting some more attention will light a fire under the Hangouts team to get things fixed finally.

  • Had this issue as well. I was only using Hangouts for texts so switched over to Google Messenger and actually prefer that now.

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