First Stable Release Of Node.js Now Available

First Stable Release Of Node.js Now Available

Node.js Foundation has finally released the stable version of Node.js, its open source command line tool for JavaScript. A lot of work has been put into Node.js v4.0 — here’s an overview of what to expect from it.

Node.js lets developers build scalable server-side web applications easily. This stable release uses the V8 JavaScript engine as Google’s Chrome browser. The latter gives users a bunch of new ECMAScript 6 (ES6) features that are enabled by default including block scoping, typed arrays, and arrow functions.

Node has also revealed plans to provide long-term support (LTS) and a regular release cycle for updates, approximately every six months, for Node.js.

“We believe that the Stable and LTS cycles provide the room for the project to continue its innovation and stay with the cutting-edge of JavaScript while also serving the need for predictable long-term stability and security demanded by the growing line-up of enterprise users proudly adopting Node.js as a key technology; some of who already count themselves as members of the Node.js Foundation,” Node.js Foundation said in a blog post.

You can find out more about how Node.js 4.0 differs from the previous version, v3.3 on the Node.js Foundation blog.

Node.js can be downloaded here.

[Via Node.js Foundation blog]


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