Family Eating Rules That Can Help Transform Picky Eaters

Family Eating Rules That Can Help Transform Picky Eaters

If your child is among the many who are picky about their food, you know it’s a constant struggle to expand their food repertoire and get them to love more foods. Chop Chop’s 10 rules for picky-free parenting could help alleviate some of the tension.

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The ten rules are common sense guidelines, but ones you can share with your kids to get them on board with the concept of eating more than just fish fingers or spaghetti bolognese every day. They include things like:

2. As parents, we will decide what foods are offered, when, and where. As kids, we will decide of the food that is offered, what we will eat and how much.


5. We will not offer food rewards. In other words, we do not have to ‘eat our vegetables’ in order to get dessert. We will not reward good behaviour with sweets and ‘treats’.

I might just call this the 10 commandments of eating and post it in the kitchen.

10 Rules for Picky-Free Parenting [Chop Chop]


  • My opinion is almost certainly worthless because:

    * I’m not a parent nor is my sister. Ditto for my partner.
    * None of our friends have children.
    * I haven’t had anything to do with children since I had a girlfriend 30 years ago who had a 5 year old son.

    However, I have always thought that recalcitrant children who won’t walk or eat (cats also) could/should have the unofficial motto of the French Foreign Legion applied to them:

    March or Die.

  • Number 6 is a sure winner: “Mealtimes are a family affair. As often as we can, we will shop, cook, and eat together”

    When we go to the supermarket, we discuss one thing we’d all like for dinner. We will then shop those ingredients, cook and eat together. Since adopting this, I haven’t had a nose turned up at dinner.

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